Healing and Empowering All Living with Trauma! 

The Children’s Services Council funded H.E.A.L. Trauma program serves families experiencing intergenerational trauma within Deerfield and Pompano Beach.  

Trained Community Mental Health Workers (CMHW’S) will assist youth and their families within the above targeted communities who seek help and support. This strength-based model focuses on teaching families to actively promote wellness in their lives to deal with chronic trauma. Extensively trained staff have a strong understanding of populations experiencing trauma and have strong community connections in Deerfield or Pompano Beach.   

Community Mental Health Workers (CMHW) are an integral link that bridge underserved populations to available social service systems. Their role is to help identify those individuals and families in need and connect them to services. They then provide a warm hand-off or on-going support to assist them in their goals. CMHWs are devoted to teaching families how to actively promote wellness in their lives to cope with identified chronic trauma(s).  Our CMHWs identify, coordinate, and connect youth and their families to available services and supports that address trauma and related challenges. They also empower youth and their families to work within systems where challenges may exist; strengthen and support the families’ self-advocacy efforts; participate in emancipatory evaluation and research; and build upon and expand existing relationships within the Providers’ network to develop trust with families while meeting present needs. The CMHWs are supervised by a Team Leader and a Clinical Leader.   

With a lens of racial equity, the Heal Trauma program strives to engage local community leaders in working alongside program staff to guide planning and service delivery as well as ensure that the program meets the cultural needs of the community.