Helping Overcome Problems Effectively           

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H.O.P.E Helping Overcome Problems Effectively

The HOPE Sunshine after school club is approved by the Broward County School Board for an entire school year curriculum engaging middle, high school and college students.

HOPE Sunshine Club members host weekly meetings at each school that has a HOPE Sunshine Club.

The HOPE Sunshine Club Teen Board where each club sends members to meet with other clubs officers to share information and help each other make their clubs better.

Educational Programs:

Suicide Prevention Educational Programs:
The FISP training for Police, EMS, Teachers, Students, Clubs, Community Organizations, and their Staff Members.



What HOPE does is create a community where people can confide in each other and learn from each other as well. It’s a welcoming environment when the pressures of grades, family, or others can often become overwhelming. It’s also a club that gives opportunities for students to learn and grow by participating in events that expand their knowledge and empathy whilst creating a more understanding community as a whole.” [I.]


The importance of HOPE is to provide students with an open and welcoming environment to allow them to express themselves freely. This safe space is where relationships are built among students, and they can speak openly about anything on their mind or any struggles that they are facing. HOPE educates students about problem solving and how to healthily overcome issues while removing the stigma surrounding mental health. They’re also given the opportunity to help others and the community. HOPE actively spreads positivity.”  [C.]


“HOPE gives everyone who feels helpless and alone a sense of family and love.  We forget our differences and come together to help each other get through our problems and learn how to solve problems. Hope creates leaders and allows teenagers, and their parents, an opportunity to understand each other and build empathy. Hope gives you a chance to become a better version of yourself and be the change you want to see in the world.  HOPE gives hope.” [O.]

A flyer with some information about hope sunshine clubs.
A flyer with information about hope sunshine clubs.
A flyer for hope sunshine club