Soft Impressions

The Artwork of Linda Gold-Gacek

Soft Impressions – Linda Gold-Gacek

On display until May 10th, 2019

From your first meeting with this Chicago Native, Linda Gold Gacek is someone who likes to see, hold, eat, and listen to the sounds life. She began to attend 9Muses Art Center around two and a half years ago, first attending support groups, then added art to her activities. Eventually, she was caught up with the idea of painting everyday home objects.

“I like to call my work Whimsical Expressionism.” It’s more than whimsy, the painted pillows make the art space quieter, contemplative. While the images express a sense of ease. Linda is influenced by the Impressionists, in particular, the artist Frederick Frieseke, an American impressionist.

Her landscapes are a reflection of early mornings taking in the world from her sun porch. About the production of the work, Linda is animated. “I get a kick out of it. I like it more than canvases… “Life should have a sense of joy and not be taken too seriously. I hope my joy is translated to the viewer.” Above all, Linda Gold Gacek hopes the work makes you smile.

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